What to expect camping with DACHA

Let us start with a short description of the camp’s infrastructure. We have a public part of the camp with our signature 32′ geodesic dome and bike parking.

The private part of the camp consists of:

  • Kitchen, where our campers can prepare their meals (we have no meal plans in the camp)
  • Shade structure made of 10′ EMT and Aluminet to provide cover for tents and Shiftpods
  • Shower with water delivered to the playa
  • Electricity to charge your phones, gadgets, lights, and electric bikes (no personal ACs!)

As you may already feel we are an anarchist community, so no mandatory shifts. Yes, you heard it right, we will not ask you to commit to something you don’t want to! At the end of the day, we all want positive emotions and not just sweat out in the scorching desert.

But how is that practically possible? We believe (and checked out in the dust!) that a mature person will provide way more, if motivation comes voluntarily, and not by assigning tasks or forcing to have mandatory shifts. That’s why we don’t have a firm schedule of events (who does anyway?) and work until we have fun.

The only exception from this is Strike. In 2024 we are planning to start the camp teardown at 10:00 AM on Saturday (the day of the Man burn). We expect that you will be in the camp and participating in the strike until it’s complete. We usually work until dusk, then go to the Man burn together as a camp. Work continues the next day after the Man burns. Please plan ahead accordingly; leave yourself some energy so that you’re not completely exhausted on Sunday. One of the core principles of our camp is that everyone participates in a strike until all the work is done. We party together, but we also clean up together.